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Different dimensions of Toronto SEO

Did you know that an amazing website without sufficient SEO Toronto is another useless decoration that can’t give you value for money? It’s like having a nice shop display window that’s covered with an iron curtain. In the online world, SEO Toronto makes search engines “see” your website and enables your target searchers to find you easily. Search engine optimization fulfills the “out of sight, out of mind” adage because people won’t consider your local business if it’s invisible to them.
Therefore, our search engine optimization team is here to help your business to remain visible before your desired audiences. We work with all our clients to develop customized and industry-specific SEO Toronto strategies based on their individual digital marketing requirements. Our digital marketing solutions make Google see your website favorably and project it before your visitors, converting them into paying and returning customers.

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Have you been searching for a Toronto SEO company that actually listens to its clients? Are you looking for experts who understand how to make a business stand out in a sea of competition?

With over 20 years of experience working with clients in all industries, 2Marketing is at the forefront of developments in content marketing, SEO strategy, and web design.

At 2Marketing, we don’t just react to the constantly changing digital marketing landscape.
We are innovators and trailblazers: we are part of the evolution of content marketing. By working with us, you can be one of the first businesses to benefit from new technologies and cutting edge processes.

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Why Us?

For over a decade, Canadian enterprises seeking a reputable and reliable SEO company have trusted us. Our continued dedication to their search engine optimization needs has endeared us to them and developed a lasting umbilical cord connection. Here are the little secrets that make us a choice SEO company for many Canadian businesses.


The ancients said that practice makes perfect. Our SEO company also says that perfect and consistent practice makes everything perfect. Our SEO experts have been on this job for years, gaining extensive knowledge and constantly adjusting to optimize emerging trends..

Zero Outsourcing

Unlike many other SEO companies, our SEO company has a whole in-house team that completes everything on site and on time. You don’t need to waste your time making distress phone calls over delayed projects.

A Proven Track Record

Our experience and steadfast commitment to our clients’ digital marketing needs have given us a favorable standing before them. That’s why they trust us as the best SEO company in Toronto to offer them high-quality SEO services.

Transparent Billing

As a reputable SEO agency, we only let you pay for our SEO services what you see on the invoice based on what we agreed upon. Whether you are paying for ad management, graphic design, or contracted paid advertising, you will always enjoy transparent, non-disruptive billing.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

“We came to 2Marketing with a detailed website layout that our design team created. 2Marketing did a terrific job of turning those designs into a beautiful, functional website that scales perfectly on all devices and monitors. 2Marketing is really easy to work with. We had our introductory meeting in person, but everything else was accomplished remotely. 2Marketing completed our project on time and for the price they quoted. They have been on point every step of the way and I am confident recommending them to anyone needing a first rate, professional website.”Barry NisanFounder and owner, Epic CyclesWhat Is Included In 2Marketing SEO Services?

Many businesses are under the impression that all they need to do to maximize their SEO ranking is use the right keywords. That is important – but it is only part of the picture.
At 2Marketing, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to our SEO services. Your business is unique, and it deserves its own customized SEO strategy. You might be implementing all of the right keyword ideas, but they may not be ideally placed. Or the keywords might be in the right places, but your metadata is a little off.

The services we provide depend on what you need.
They may include the following:

Topic Selection

You need to find a balance between what makes sense for your business and what search terms people on the Internet are using. There is no point ranking highly in something that nobody is typing into the search bar. We will help you ensure that your content is relevant to your business and has a high search demand.

Keyword Research

The more search terms you have on a page of web content, the better. But the search terms have to be used in a way that is natural and that allows the content to flow. We have state-of-the-art keyword tools that can tell us which words and phrases to target, and – equally important – which ones to avoid using too much.

Content Creation

Now that we have the topics and the keyword lists, we can move on to creating your page of content. Our content writers and SEO experts have in-depth knowledge of what the major search engines are looking for, how to accomplish effective keyword optimization, and how the search engine algorithms work.

Technical SEO

The best content in the world has very little use if the website it is on does not work properly. We will make sure all of the links on your website are working, that the pages are loading quickly on desktop and mobile devices, and that search engines can find, crawl and render your site.

Off-Page SEO

Search engines are not the only way internet users will find your website. As the name suggests, off-page SEO incorporates things you do outside of the web page in question to drive online traffic in your direction. This includes making sure the pages on your website are correctly linked to one another, getting quality links onto other websites, and making effective use of social media.

Local SEO

Now that we have the topics and the keyword lists, we can move on to creating your page of content. Our content writers and SEO experts have in-depth knowledge of what the major search engines are looking for, how to accomplish effective keyword optimization, and how the search engine algorithms work.